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As a research postgraduate student, your job is to carry out researches and uncover more useful discoveries. But what happens right after typing ‘The End’ on your manuscript? There comes the endless editing process. It gets worst if you need to have your manuscript translated from one language to another. What comes next? Formatting! Aren’t you getting tired?

We know that this is a lot for you to handle all by YOURSELF. Fortunately, with us around, writing is easier now. You don’t need to go through these painful processes alone.


IBP Editing Services (JM0753768-A) strives to help academicians publish world-class journals and dissertations. You don’t just get superficial, basic proofreading or translation services from our team of experts. We provide personalised attention to all our clients and you won’t be an exceptional! We deliver beyond your expectations by engaging with you and/or your supervisors to highlight issues in your manuscript and working on correcting it thoroughly.

We understand your time constrains as a student and thus provide you with options to have your papers edited within a very short turnaround time, as short as 48 hours!

If you need an official receipt so that your institution can reimburse the editing cost to you, we’ll have that arranged for you. One of the most important requirements of many international publications is the editorial certificate that details out the editing work done on your paper. We would also gladly have that ready for you, upon request. 


Our services include (but are not limited to):

If you need a service that is not listed above just yet, ask us. We’re fast expanding our team of experts to cover a wider range of educational service and we’ll be happy to accommodate to your requirements.

Not finding what you need? Contact us today at info at ibpeditingservices dot com and let us know your needs.


We have a team of editors, from Oxford’s MSt in English student to local newspaper columnist and text book authors, who are subject-matter experts in various field of studies. We are here to lend you our expertise so that your paper will have an added advantage of being edited by experts from your field. On top of that, you will also be able to receive a FREE sample-edit from the editor assigned to handle your paper so that you can gauge our editing standard.


Our operation is based at Johor, Malaysia. Our editorial team members hail from many different parts of the world as we strive to hire and keep the best people on board.


Get in touch with us by filling up the ‘Contact Us’ form that can be found in the respective services’ web page or drop us an e-mail to info at ibpeditingservices dot com to let us know know your requirements and needs. We will then respond to your e-mails promptly and provide you a quotation.

We process payments through PayPal, a safe online payment option that enables you to complete payment with or without PayPal account. Read this for more info. Alternatively, for local students, payments can be made through bank transfer.


We quote you based on the turnaround time you need. Therefore, expect to receive our work no later than the deadline, delivered right to your e-mail.


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