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If language is not your forte, as a student, writing a thesis in a language you are not proficient at can put you in constant pressure, especially when you need to translate large texts from one language to another and ensuring the original meaning of the texts are remain intact. This challenging task could affect the acceptance of your paper and may hold you from graduating on time.

At IBP Editing Services, we understand the struggles you had to go through to produce a fine academic paper. We are here to lend you our expertise so that you could focus on your research better. We provide translation services in the following languages:

  • Malay – English – Malay
  • Tamil – English

You will get a FREE sample-edit to gauge our editing standard. 

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Why do you need this service from us?

We have qualified editors who are certified by Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM) who provides top-notch translation service. We therefore are confident that your documents will be translated professionally by ensuring the original meaning of your document is well retained. We understand that translation services require more attention and at IBP Editing Services, we ensure that your work gets higher priority as we would regularly be in touch with you to discuss your paper in detail.

We provide assurance that our translators are either subject-matter experts or are comfortable translating your work in order to provide a high-quality translation service. This is the reason why we provide a FREE sample edit so that you could judge our work prior to purchasing our service.

What we need from you?

Submit your research paper in Microsoft Word document file.

Speak to us about your research in detail and the university requirements you need to adhere to.

We will walk you through the process of explaining your requirements in detail so that we produce work that satisfies your expectations.

What do you get from us?

Your original Microsoft Word document with edits appearing under the ‘Track Change’ feature. You can accept or reject changes that we have suggested to make on your research paper. After reviewing the corrections, you can save it as a new document and send it for submission.

When can you get the documents returned to you?

We quote you based on your desired turnaround time. Let us know your urgency. We’ll cater to your needs and advice your accordingly.

How does the process work?

You will submit your inquiry stating your project title, number of words, expected turnaround time and special requirements or instructions that you need us to follow. We will communicate closely with you to obtain as much information as needed prior to starting the project. This process ensures that our understanding on your requirements are aligned with your research paper’s translation needs. We would then start translating your content and deliver the end product before deadline.

The sooner you submit your information, the easier it would be for us to work on your project. We reserve the rights to extend your project deadline should we not get prompt responses on our inquiries from you.

We process payments through PayPal, a safe and secure way to handle online payments. You can complete the payment with or without a PayPal account. Read this for more info. Alternatively, for local students, payments can be made through bank transfer.

We quote you based on the desired turnaround time you indicate when filling up the form below. Therefore, to keep your translation cost low, please refrain from requesting for a short turnaround time if you could grant us more time to complete the work.


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