Papers Accepted for Publications

  2. Modeling and dynamics study of large scale PV system connected Malaysian grid under different fault conditions – IEEE Xplore
  3. Influence of Macro-pores on DNAPL Migration in Double-Porosity Soil Using Light Transmission Visualization Method – Q2 Springer Link

  4. A Novel Control Algorithm for Multi-Robot Pattern Formation – International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJARCST 2016)
  5. Predicting Learning Styles Based On Students’Learning Behavior
    Using Correlation Analysis – currentscience.ac.in
  6. A Thermostabilized, One-Step PCR Assay for Simultaneous Detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae – published in various journals
  7. A comparison of nano bentonite and some nano chemical additives to improve drilling fluid using local clay and commercial bentonites – ScienceDirect

  8. A Novel Approach for Precise Motion Artefact Detection in Photoplethysmograph Signal Processing based on Dark Photocurrent – International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering (IJIRAE)
  9. A Correlation Study on Motion Artifact using Photodiode and Three Axis Accelerometer Signals – Indian Journal of Science and Technology
  10. Carbon tubular membranes from nanocrystalline cellulose blended with P84 co-polyimide for H2 and He separation – ScienceDirect

  11. Assessing optimization based strategies for t-way test suite generation: The case for flower-based strategy – IEEE Xplore

  12. The Effect of Perceived Ease of Use and Usefulness on Customers Intention to USe Online Banking Services: The Mediating Role of Perceived Trust – International Journal of Innovative Computing
  13. The Effect of Security and Privacy Perceptions on Customers’ Trust to Accept Internet Banking Services: An Extension of TAM – Medwell Journals


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