Website Content Editing

Four Types Of Content Editing

If you’ve heard of the phrase “content is king” before, you probably know that the most important aspect of any website is the content of it. At IBP Editing Services, we do not just make your academic papers better. We are also committed to bringing your business to the next level by professionally editing your website content.

Our editors work on your website content according to different levels of editing service explained below.

1. Substantive Editing

Our editors will be mainly concerned with overall cohesion, clarity, accuracy and effectiveness of the website content for your target market.

Explain to us your company’s branding and positioning strategy, your products’ or services’ value proposition and your target audience. We’ll determine your website content’s style and tone.

We look for incomplete or faulty arguments, unsupported assertions, inconsistencies or gaps in the logical flow of the content, and faithfulness to the business’ strategic goals. Our editors police all content to maintain consistency of brand messaging.

2. Copy Editing

Our editors will be more concerned with the style of your content. Are sentences clear and concise? Is the tone consistent? Are the right words being used? Is the text free of jargon and obscure references? Does the copy adhere to rules of grammar, punctuation and style? Our competent copy editors will make proper adjustments to active and passive voice usage, pronouns, headings, headlines, choice of words. We will assist you in converting your unformatted paragraphs into web-optimized content.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This editing service ensures that your content adheres to SEO best practices and follows the campaign’s on-page guidelines. SEO optimized content is more ‘SEO-friendly’ to search engines like Google and eventually helps to push your website rank to a better position, if not the first page of Google. Our editors would research the keywords related to your industry and use them as per SEO requirements. The more the SEO resource is plugged into the creative process, the less artificial and stilted the optimized content will be.

4. Proofreading

Proofreaders are mainly concerned with technical precision. Capitalization, font size and style of your content are among the aspects that proofreaders look into. Generally, the proofreading stage comes last, after your website content has gone through a thorough editing stage. This is the the stage where spelling errors and minor errors will be corrected.

Do you need to have all four levels of editing service for your website?

No. Generally, a thorough editing service will be able to cover most of the work required to produce a high-quality content for your business. Depending on your original content and business goals, we’ll advice you on the type of editing your website needs.